The Fabulous Phryne Fisher

I have been watching “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries”, an Australian program, for the past week, and love does not even begin to describe how I feel about this show.  You know how there are just shows that “get you” as a person (even though I am aware that shows are not people and cannot get anyway… just go with it), well this is that show for me.  It is set in the 1920s and chronicles the adventures of a lady detective known as Phryne Fisher.  As I tell you about Phryne, I will sprinkle pictures throughout this post (I think you will get some clues about why I am obsessed with this show):

Meet Miss Fisher.  I knew she was my kind of woman in the first five minutes of the first episode when she came strutting off the ocean liner as if the world was her personal runway.

Susan Wronka2

Phryne Fisher is like a female James Bond: she can fly planes, dance the tango, knows how to handle herself in all types of dangerous situations, knows all the right people, and sleeps with whomever she fancies.  She has told a few men that she is not the marrying type.

Marie Williams2

Did I mention that she does all of this while sporting the most fabulous wardrobe I have EVER seen?  I seriously want every outfit she has ever worn on the show, and I am extremely picky about my clothes.

Marie Williams

The mysteries she solves are actually somewhat predictable, but it is enjoyable watching Phryne interact with her ensemble cast and tackle the social issues of that time period.  There is also a lot of wonderful witty banter to keep viewers interested.

Jenna Marcheson2

The action is set in Melbourne.  I had no idea that Melbourne was like most major cities during the 1920s with the jazz influences, crime, and social upheaval.  It actually feels like watching the action happen someplace in Paris or London.

Catherine M

Phryne actually reminds me of one of the characters I developed for my novel set in the 1920s, Senette.  Senette is a self-made art dealer and gallery owner in Paris, and she has Phryne’s smarts and elegance.

Adrian Ziemer

This show is actually based on a series of books by Kerry Greenwood, and I plan to go back and read them at some point.  You might be seeing more of Phryne Fisher in the future.

Jenna Marcheson

If you love the 1920s, then this is one show to watch and savor.  It was worth purchasing the DVDs for the extras but I know a lot of people have downloaded it on Netflix.  I downloaded all of these photos from Pinterest if you are interested in learning more about Phryne.