Dandyism: It’s About More Than Style

I recently finished reading “I Am Dandy”, a singular and exquisite chronicle of modern-day men who dress as gentlemen and live exactly as they choose regardless of the prevailing “norms” of their culture.  One of the men interviewed in the book, Mr. Victor Allen Crawford III, summed up the concept beautifully:

“Contrary to conventional wisdom, the dandy is not merely a preening, vacant popinjay; for in truth, he is a preening, thoughtful popinjay.  Dandyism pertains to more than the wearing of clothes: it is a way of being, a philosophy.  The dandy’s attire is but an outer expression of his inner refinement – the delicate glass that holds a finely crafted wine.  The dandy is the focus of his own artistry; his dress, manner, speech, and mind are his palette.  Because of his strong desire to become what Oscar Wilde dubbed “a living work of art,” the dandy is a creature often compelled to seek communion with the exquisite, the inanimate, and the serene.”

In addition to thoughtful interviews with fascinating men, there are tons of immaculate photographs by Rose Callahan.  Rose also runs a blog called The Dandy Portraits which I subscribe to and I always look forward to her features.  The author of this work, Nathaniel “Natty” Adams is the first picture featured below.  Enjoy these pictures and make sure to check out the book and Rose’s blog.

Nathaniel Adams

Cigarettes Dandy Wellington photographed by Rose Callahan in NYC on Aug 30, 2012 Hat and Briefcase Len Logsdail  Princeton Spectators Sven Raphael Schneider photographed by Rose Callahan in NYC on Jan 19, 2012 Tuxedo Mickael Loir photographed by Rose Callahan in Paris, on Sept 3, 2011 Winston Chesterfield