New Posts Coming: My Writing Life


I have decided to start posting about my writing life on this blog as well.  As a writer, I have quite an active life – for instance, here is a sample of the activities I participate in outside of blogging and working full-time:

  • Member of Grub Street – a wonderful writing organization offering classes and events for writers in Boston; in addition to being a member, I also serve on a committee that puts together writing events to keep members engaged
  • Member of a Writing Group called Impetus – this is a four member writing group where we read and critique short writing pieces; we discuss poetry, plays, short stories, essays (I’ve been working on poetry lately)
  • Literary Events – New England is a literary locale, and I am constantly attending excellent workshops, conferences, and readings
  • Journal – I keep a daily journal in which I write long hand on my musings related to writing and the creative process; I will share content that I think will be helpful to you
  • Research – I am constantly conducting research on writing, creativity, art and the like
  • Reading – I am always, always, always reading (this is as necessary as air and food for me); books, essays, blog posts, writing magazines, and much more, which I will share in the hopes that you will find the content interesting as well

I will definitely continue to post content related to the Jazz Age; this is my first passion and the reason I started this blog in the first place.  Now, I will just be expanding upon this and offering you more to love.  I tried creating separate menu items for these categories on my main page, but I did not like the fact that “pages” are static on WordPress (very difficult to add posts to these static pages).  If the content will be based on current topics relevant to my writing life, I will label them as “On Writing”, “On Reading”…. you get the picture.  If the content will be related to the 1920s, I will continue to post as usual.  I attended a lot of festive events this past summer, so you will be seeing quite a few posts over the coming weeks.

7 thoughts on “New Posts Coming: My Writing Life

  1. Hi Cindy,
    I saw a group last night you would have loved – Bathtub Gin Serenaders. It consisted of a bass player, sax player, guitarist, washboard/percussionist, drummer, violinist and female singer. They did stuff from the 20’s and 30’s in lively and accomplished style.

    I like your idea to write about “your writing life”. I’ve been stalled in my writing (except for my trauma Blog) since my writing group split up a year or more ago. Seems I need the support of like minded people and the kick in the ass provided by a good writing group. I did start work on a Memoir which seems to have some juice for me in that I want to see where it goes.


    • Hi Meg – good to hear from you. Thank you for letting me know about The Bathtub Serenaders (will definitely look them up on iTunes). Your memoir sounds promising – it is always good to go with the projects that have juice; I can’t wait to hear more about it.

      • Cindy, They’re a local group recording now. They may have something available soon. Meg

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  2. Hey, Cindy – I love how organized and driven you are with regard to “your writing life!” You are an inspiration and I look forward to seeing your books on the shelf at B & N one day!

    • Hi Deanna – thank you (big blush). Writing and reading are so much fun to me that they do not feel like work, and I figured I should share what I am learning even if it does not necessarily relate to the 1920s. I hope you have been getting some writing done as well.

  3. Well, can’t say I’m as busy as you, but I too read, reserach and write every day. I am part of an online critique group (Critique Circle, for the ladies above me, in case they’re interested. I love that place!) and of course I blog. Outside of writing, I craft jewellery with a steampunk twist, that’s fun, but time is tyrant!

    Can’t way to read your writing adventures 🙂

    • Hello – I disagree; you seem quite busy! I’ve checked out your website, and it seems like you are balancing multiple projects as well. Your Critique Circle sounds great; my writing group, Impetus, has been extremely helpful and we work well together. Thanks for reading and keeping me posted on what you are up to – I always look forward to your blog posts.

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