Miss Fisher Take 3


Miss Fisher came back for a 3rd season, and as always, she looked amazing while doing absolutely everything! The list included playing a mermaid, flying airplanes, and executing the latest judo moves while taking down the bad guys. I am including some of my favorite photos from this season. Most of these photos were posted by Jenny Marcheson on Pinterest if you would like to find more.

jennymarchesan2 jennymarchesan3 jennymarchesan4 jennymarchesan9 soskavee  vanityfair

I am happy to report that the mild flirtation between Miss Fisher and Inspector Jack Robinson has finally bloomed into a full-blown romance. I included some pictures of one of my favorite t.v. couples below.

jennymarchesan6 jennymarchesan7 theguardian2

The indefatigable supporting cast for this series was also back. Our favorite lovebirds, Dot and Hugh, tied the knot, and I must admit that I shed a few tears.


I also included a few pictures of the ever cool Doctor Mack and the always vigilant Aunt Prudence.



A museum in Australia also held a special costume exhibition this year featuring the frocks, suits, hats, shoes, and accessories from the cast of the show. I wish I could have seen this wonderful exhibition in person, but at least there are some great photos on the internet.

Photos by The Daily Telegraph Australia

Photos courtesy of The Daily Telegraph in Australia


Photo by The Daily Telegraph Australia

Photo by The Daily Telegraph Australia

I also included a picture of the talented designer who made all of Phryne Fisher’s fabulousness a reality, Marion Boyce.

Photo by The Daily Telegraph Australia

Photo by The Daily Telegraph Australia

I am not entirely sure if there will be a season four, but I certainly will be the first in line if they bring back the honorable Miss Phryne Fisher. I hope you enjoyed these pictures. Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Beautiful photos. I’ve only seen a few episodes of the first season of Miss Fisher, but I really enjoyed the show. I’ll see more as soon as I get the chance 🙂

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