Illustrated Journal: The Thirsty Fish

The Thirsty Fish
Illustrated Journal: The Thirsty Fish

Here is the text from this Illustrated Journal:

I joined a writing group at the Zen Center, and our first meeting was September 24th. Gary, the man leading the group, put on this hat shortly after we arrived, and told us that we could call him “The Fool” going forward. I knew this was not going to be an ordinary experience going forward. There were 8 people at the meeting, and we completed a timed writing exercise first – freewriting about anything that comes to mind. I ended up writing about my experience that evening of arriving while others were meditating and trying desperately to be quiet while navigating a creaky floor, moaning bench, and a very loud toilet. We also wrote sanryu, a humorous form of haiku. Someone wrote a funny one about Trump and his insistence on making everything about himself – “me, me, me voice lessons.” We did all of this while munching on peanut M&Ms – the perfect writing snack.

After this first engaging meeting of the Thirsty Fish writing group, I am looking forward to continuing. We are scheduled to meet once a month, and we are working from Natalie Goldberg’s book “Writing Down the Bones”.

Have a great week!