The Milliner

The Milliner by Cindy Adelle Richard a woman dressed in vintage clothes and a hat with a hat shop as a backdrop

The Milliner by Cindy Adelle Richard

Sayuri has always loved hats. She had the good fortune to be born to an exceptional milliner and his wife in a small Japanese village during the early part of the 20th century. Her father learned his craft from his grandparents and he passed along everything he knew to Sayuri, his only child. Her mother functioned as his assistant, helping the customers and managing the hat shop with the utmost care.

Even as a young child, Sayuri wore the finest hats with confidence and finesse. Because of her confidence, she was never teased for wearing hats – instead, they became her signature. Sayuri worked in her parents’ shop when she was not at school, and nothing made her happier. She enjoyed every part of hat making – picking the materials, stitching the hats, displaying them just so to appeal to customers.

Once Sayuri grew up, moved away, and established her own shop, she truly realized the power of her sartorial gifts. For you see, she can take one look at a customer, and know exactly what hat will suit them – the style, colors, and lifestyle. She is able to intuit their personality and preferences without them saying a word. For this reason, she tends to make custom hats. She has some hats on display just for show, but the real magic happens when she creates a hat just for the person who orders it. Each time she sees one of her hats out and about and perched just so on top of her clients’ heads, she smiles to herself and feels satisfied.

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Miss Fisher Take #2

The second season of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries was just as fabulous as the first season.  Phryne Fisher wore the most spectacular clothes while going under cover as a fan dancer, keeping a séance under control, investigating the murder of a famed race car driver, helping an Aboriginal prize-fighter to clear his name, keeping her friends safe at a creepy chalet during a snow storm, and much more.  You will not be sorry if you take the time to watch Phyrne in action.  I am thrilled that this show is being renewed for a third season after a public uproar by the fans (they tried to cancel it, but Miss Fisher’s fan base was having none of it). Until you get around to watching this series, feast your eyes on these fantastic pictures:

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